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  • D-Camp: Sleeping Giant hosts its own D-camp every summer in August for 5 days. This is a day camp, not sleep away. It is held at local horse facilities. Here the campers have 2 daily riding lessons were they learn the basics of being an eventing rider. Practicing all three phases: Dressage, Stadium Jumping, and Cross Country. The campers also participate in unmounted activities learning horse care and fun arts and crafts. This camp is available to members certified D-3 and below. Certifications are held at the end of the week for those looking to move up, and for those being certified for the first time. 

    • Shirley’s Camp: Every summer since 1974 Shirley Winer has held her summer sleep away camp at her farm in Massachusetts. This is a 10-day camp for Pony clubbers all over. It is open to 12 riders with 2 trainers and around 3 chaperones plus Shirley herself. During camp, riders bring their own horses and ride twice a day. Horses live out in Shirley’s beautiful paddocks with 24/7 turn out. Campers sleep in tents and eat their meals in the house. Campers swim and bathe in local rivers as well as visit the local candy shop to load up with the best sweets and ice cream! Over the ten-day camp, riders learn to be eventers. Lessons include XC, dressage and show jumping training. The instruction you receive at camp is only the best, from experienced graduated members. As well as riding and swimming, campers have fun exploring the property with its extensive homemade swings, zip line, tree houses, and pond! This camp teaches you responsibility, horse care knowledge, as well as making some of the best friends you’ll know for life! Every year campers have had a blast during this experience.

  • Pony Club competitive rallies provide an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in an atmosphere of cooperation, fun and teamwork. A competitive rally allows Pony Club members to test their skills against others. In addition, rallies are educational experiences that expose participants to new ideas and ways of doing things. Competitive rallies can be unmounted, as in Quiz, where teams of four members compete in a verbal quiz. Other USPC rallies are mounted, involving teams of three, four or five riders and, in most disciplines, an unmounted Stable Manager.

-Teams are responsible for themselves and their mounts. Parents, trainers and coaches are not allowed in the barn. Supervision is provided by knowledgeable volunteers, called Horse Management Judges, who are available to answer questions, do safety checks before members leave the barn with their mounts, turn back checks after the members have ridden, and to judge the teams on their overall organization and Horse Management skills.
-Rallies can be small and informal, such as a rally for D-level members within a single club or center, or they can be inter-club/center competitions. Or rallies can be larger and more formal, such as regional rallies.  

National Championships-

  1. The culmination of the regional rallies is a USPC National Championship competition. Each year, clubs and centers may participate in regional rallies in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Quiz, Games, Polocrosse and Tetrathlon. Championships are held each year. Championships for our region (NYUC) are held in Lexington VA. Team competitions in each of the disciplines take place over a period of several days. Championships attract regional teams from all over the country! 

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Unmounted activities: 

  • As well as mounted competitions members participate in lessons teaching horse management and care. There is even a unmounted discipline called Quiz, which also has rallies and competes at Nationals. Quiz is all knowledge, no physical riding is involved but knowledge about it is required. You compete in different sections: classroom, written test, barn, mega room, and more! These sections involve some teamwork and some individual work. You compete in teams of 4 and are tested on the certification level you have achieved in PC. 

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